1.  Objectives of IABMS

The Objectives of the Association shall be to encourage and promote inter-disciplinary cooperation amongst biomedical scientists belonging to different disciplines for the growth of teaching, research and promotion of knowledge of all branches of life science with special reference to its application in the field of medicine, dental, veterinary, agriculture and related engineering sciences.

  • The Activities of IABMS

The activities of the Association in fulfilling of the above objectives include research and development in all aspects of biomedical literature, publication of official journal, newsletter, setting up of advisory bodies, organizing symposia, workshops, conferences and continuing education programs like CME and guest lectures for development of science and technology.

  • Criteria for Membership of IABMS

The membership of the Association shall be confined to those who have educational and research or practical experience in biomedical sciences or in allied fields. They should genuinely be interested in advancing the cause of biomedical sciences.

The candidates for membership shall be elected at a meeting of the Executive Committee by a simple majority of the members present at the meeting on an application in the prescribed form sent by the candidate to the President/General Secretary of the Association.

  • Life Members and Annual Members of IABMS

There shall be two categories of membership namely
i) Life Members
ii) Annual Members
The Life Membership Fee is Rs. 3,000.00/- and Annual Membership fee is Rs. 300.00/-
The Life Membership is open to members abroad on payment of 1000 USD
Click here to go down load membership application form
The Life member and Annual Membership fee can be revised by the Executive Committee every 3 years and ratified by the General Body Meeting of the Association.

  • Management and Administration of IABMS

The Control and direction of the Policy Affairs of the Association shall be vested with the General Body, which comprise of all Life Members and Annual Members of the Members of the Association. Please read the Bye-Law Amendments to understand the Management and Administration of IABMS.

  • The General Body Meeting

The Annual General Body Meeting of the Association shall be held only during the Annual Conference of the Association, where an Annual Report, Audited Statement of Accounts, Report of the Editor-in-Chief of Biomedicine journal will be presented by the respective Office Bearers.

  • Act & Rules

The “Act” whenever it has been used means “The Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act, 1975”. For matters not mentioned or specifically mentioned, the provisions of “The Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act, 1975” and rules made there under apply.

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