Founder of IABMS

Prof. Dr. Saradha Subramaniam


Some people achieve greatness by their untiring hardwork, foresight towards development of medicine, science and technology. Their vision always does something great in the society and science. The vision of Prof. Sarada Subramaniam has done the same truly, by her proposal to launch the “Indian Association of Biomedical Scientists (IABMS)”, to develop a common platform for dispersal of knowledge on an interdisciplinary approach by bringing together the researchers from medicine, biology, traditional systems of medicine, physiology, biochemistry, pharmacology and toxicology, dentistry, defense sciences, chemistry, physics, biotechnology, veterinary medicine, and much more towards development of Science in this subcontinent.

IABMS dedicates its development to Prof. Dr. Saradha Subramaniam

Dr. S. Karthikeyan